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Clean Earth

“At Compass, they understand day-to-day operations. When good things happen, they say, great work! When bad things happen, they say, how can we help?”

— Chris Dods, CEO, Clean Earth

In August 2014, Compass Diversified Holdings (CODI) and its subsidiaries acquired a majority interest in Clean Earth Holdings, Inc. (“Clean Earth”).

Based in Hatboro, PA, Clean Earth is a leading provider of environmental services for a variety of contaminated materials including soils, dredged materials, and hazardous waste and drill cuttings. The company analyzes, treats, documents and recycles waste streams generated in multiple end-markets such as power, construction, oil & gas, infrastructure, industrial and dredging. Treatment includes thermal desorption, dredged material stabilization, bioremediation, physical treatment/screening and chemical fixation. Before the company accepts contaminated materials, it identifies a third party “beneficial reuse” site such as commercial redevelopment or landfill capping, where the materials are sent after they are treated. Clean Earth operates 14 permitted facilities in the Eastern U.S.

To learn more about Clean Earth, please visit http://www.cleanearthinc.com

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