Alternative Asset Vehicles

Compass Danbe Real Estate Partners, LLC

“There are lots of equity partners you can have, but at the end of the day, who’s going to be there through good times and bad? The Compass Group has a longer-term approach that will help us grow. They value forward thinkers.”

—Robert Guilford, Partner and Co-Founder of Danbe Partners, LLC

Launched in April 2014, Compass Danbe Real Estate Partners is one of the newest additions to The Compass Group family of companies. Focused on opportunistic real estate investment opportunities in satellite specialty markets, Danbe’s strategy is to achieve above market yields through their experience base, vertical integration, and access to capital. By bundling product types into mixed-uses such as — ground floor retail with apartments above—Danbe has the experience and team to invest in projects ranging from single-family homes to condos, malls, even gas stations, thereby increasing the number of opportunities in a given satellite specialty market. Currently, the company is seeking new real estate investments in Southern California and the Coachella Valley.