Acquisition Criteria

Let’s get together and have a conversation

Whether you’re just beginning to think about the possibility of selling your business, or already actively seeking the right match, consider this: your decision is going to have a great impact on the future of your business.

That is why at Compass we spend as much time trying to get to know our future management team partners as we do the underlying business. That means we meet with you face to face, and discuss what you are looking for in a financial partner and your vision for the future of the business. We look at much more than the bottom line. We want to be sure that there is good chemistry between us, because after all, what is a business without its people?

Here’s a quick look at the profile of an ideal Compass Diversified Holdings acquisition candidate. We look for companies with the following characteristics:

  • Leading niche industrial or branded consumer companies headquartered in North America.
  • Preferred transaction size of $75mm to $700mm.
  • Positive and stable EBITDA of at least $10mm per annum.
  • Highly defensible positions in their markets and with their customers (i.e. has a reason to exist and their absence from the market place would disrupt the category).
  • Operating in industries with favorable long term macroeconomic trends.
  • Strong management teams, either currently in place or previously identified.

Add-on acquisition criteria are specific by subsidiary company and would include a smaller size range. 

We have a track record of structuring successful transactions that suit a wide range of situations. Our team is extremely familiar with the complexities involved in acquiring family-owned businesses, public corporations and non-core divisions of larger strategic companies.

If you would like additional information about CODI, or would like to discuss potential opportunities, please contact:

Demetrios Dounis, Partner, at d[email protected] or call 203-221-1703.
Mailing address:
301 Riverside Ave, 2nd Floor
Westport, CT 06880

Zach Sawtelle, Partner, at [email protected], or call 949-333-5033.
Mailing address:
2010 Main Street Suite 1220
Irvine, CA 92614