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What Our Companies Say

We can think of no better way to demonstrate why you should consider The Compass Group as the ideal acquirer for your business than to let our companies speak for themselves:


“Compass’ partners are accessible whenever needed. I have found negotiating with them as a manager to be a straightforward process and I consider them to be open-minded and persuadable partners. In the end, while we may not always agree, I have understood their rationale and a fair outcome has always been achieved.”

— Ken D’Arcy, Former CEO, Velocity Outdoor Corporation

“As a successful, healthy company, Fox had the luxury of looking for and selecting the best partner for this transaction. We chose Compass.”

— Bob Fox, Founder, Fox Racing Shox (NASDAQ: FOXF)

“Compass is who they say they are. They support strong companies and management teams and do not spend time second-guessing them. I talked with every CEO that Compass had backed before we joined Compass and got the same message from all of them: Compass is fair and straightforward and this has been our experience as well.”

— Sally McCoy, Former CEO, CamelBak