About Us

The Way We Work

An ongoing long-term commitment to support and grow the businesses we acquire.

Once a deal is consummated, the real work begins. At The Compass Group, we partner with management teams in the truest sense of the word — with positive action. Here are some very good reasons why both business owners and management teams find us to be an attractive acquirer and partner.

For Private Company Owners and Corporate Parents, The Compass Group:

  • Consummates transactions efficiently without being dependent on third party financing on a transaction-by-transaction basis, bringing a high degree of certainty to close.
  • Provides ongoing strategic and financial support for your business.
  • Maintains a long-term strategy about ownership of businesses where such an outlook is required for maximization of our shareholders’ return on investment.
  • Keeps the process confidential in contrast to traditional third party financing that can be a source of information leakage in the market.

For Management Teams, The Compass Group:

  • Works with you to pursue organic and external growth opportunities.
  • Provides an opportunity to co-invest alongside us in your respective subsidiary company.
  • Structures significant equity option incentive programs for key players on your team in your respective subsidiary company.

A word to the Investment Banking Community.

We take great care to respond to new opportunities in a timely, and thoughtful manner. As a result of our management of CODI, we have access to substantial financial resources committed to the acquisition and management of middle market businesses. Our relationship with CODI allows for the efficient and quick consummation of transactions on its behalf, without financing contingencies. We take pride in the fact that we don’t over-negotiate points of minimal exposure or risk. We are passionate about what we do, and this is reflected in the way we treat our management team partners, our due diligence vendors, and the businesses we acquire.