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Capital Resources

Long-term patient capital is the fuel that ignites business growth.

Why we invest wisely and patiently. Compass Diversified Holdings (NYSE: CODI), has committed substantial financial resources to the ownership and management of middle market businesses in the niche industrial and branded consumer sectors. Upon acquisition of a new business by CODI, we immediately begin to work with the acquired subsidiary company’s management team to identify the most critical and time sensitive opportunities and to address them aggressively.

Unlike private equity firms that seek acquisition financing on a transaction-by-transaction basis, our relationship with CODI allows for the efficient and quick consummation of transactions on its behalf without financing contingencies.

In addition, companies acquired by CODI have ongoing access to substantial growth capital. Finally, CODI’s ownership perspective as a holding company is not impacted by artificial timing criteria such as fund life. Rather, we continuously work with the management of CODI’s subsidiary companies to evaluate strategic alternatives and assess the appropriate individual course of action for each of those companies, without regard for external and unrelated factors.