Alternative Asset Vehicles

Compass Frontier Partners

“There is a dire and unrelenting need for capital in many frontier markets, which continues to constrict growth and productivity gains. I am elated to be in a role that strives to deliver superior, risk-adjusted returns to our investors by allocating much-needed capital to extraordinary businesses to spur rapid, sustainable development and, in turn, raise the standards of living in many poverty-stricken nations.”

— U. Daniel Eguche, Fund Manager
Compass Frontier Partners, LLC

Founded in 2012, Compass Frontier Partners focuses on making long-term investments in extraordinary businesses operating in oft-ignored and esoteric frontier markets.

The fund’s goal is to achieve superior risk-adjusted returns by capitalizing on the marked discrepancy between perception and reality in many frontier markets. With a keen emphasis on capital preservation and risk mitigation, the fund strives to deliver superior returns by investing in the underappreciated securities of unique and remarkable businesses. Whilst its initial investments were limited to Africa, the fund has now broadened its geographical focus to include select markets in the Middle East.

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